Born Lost

by Born Lost

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released February 24, 2014

Alex Veal - All music, programming and mixing.
Jake Collins - Lyrics and vocals



all rights reserved


Born Lost Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Experimental Melodic Hardcore by dudes and dudettes from Philadelphia just making some shameless tunes.


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Track Name: Through Time
I recall the days that our hearts longed for more than death.
When we praised every breath like it was better than the last.
And I swore that we'd get lost in all the dreams that we could catch.
But I'm still sore from the chase.

Opening our eyes to see that we can't rid troubles with a blink.
Since we learned so long ago you can't drown them in a drink.

And I swear that I could find the answers
if I could just get myself to sleep.

I've crossed too many roads where I was all but sure I'd die.
Yes I've seen too many tides, too many times.

Yet it's the grasp of youth that drags us
Through the days we've gotten older,
The rival chill that breathes
Upon the weight on our shoulders.
It carries me, it carries me.
I want to be carried through time.

I want to be...

A distant memory. A part of history.
I want to be remembered through time.

I want to be so much more than life.
I want to be carried through time.
Track Name: Perception
Perception is the bane of every failing thing,
For our eyes may only carry us across plains of short-sighted chaos.
Our minds may speak louder if we separate our words from the burdens beating in our chests.
Our way past creed is to see beyond

What we perceive.

It is truly action that says the most.
Often it's left hiding behind false hopes,

There will never be a time when every dead end can be avoided.
And it is only time that we are losing.
Understand that what leads us to order is the sight that guides our choices.

So we glance to histories with the wish of building better futures,
Yet those to which we look for guidance built their lives out of failures.
A single drop of silence would speak to those who say too much,
Who aren't ever really saying anything at all.

Hiding behind false hopes.

Our only way past creed
Is to see beyond what we perceive.
Track Name: Victims
Ignorance must subside
Before we are lost to time.
What are we afraid of outside
Of knowing that we may all
Truly be the same.
I am fearful that we may be our greatest plague.

We are all victims of our own hearts.

These human conditions are more like symptoms of a failing race,
Where we will all fold to wars in our own self-hate.

Assume that everything we fear in shame
And the only path past this are the social standards we see fit to change.

Who are we to tell the world what they can believe in?
Who are we to tell anyone what they can feel in their hearts?

Why must we all be victims of the fears of change?
Our perceptions must bow to the rising tides of a new day.

Ignorance must subside.
Before we are lost to time.