At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky

by Born Lost

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This album is derived from a concept developed entirely around the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the musical Carousel and also used as a monologue by Jessica Lange in American Horror Story. It is meant to be an exploration into the times where life gets in the way of itself in the hopeful attempt to let those know that feel like they can't go on that there is always something on the other side of struggle to live for. Always.


released May 20, 2016

Jake Collins - Main Vocals, lyrics, concept
Alex Veal - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals, artwork and design
Gina Carducci - Bass, Cello on Pray For Rain, Main Female Vocals in Forward
Charlie Cohen - Drums, and learning every single one of our songs in a matter of weeks and slaying them

Michael Murphy - Album Production, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, claps in Pray For Rain, pep talks, pizzas, bad jokes, and the pleading post for all of our endless creative input into making this baby a reality.
Jared Kalish - Co-Engineer and best dude to discuss music with.

An unending thank you goes to the list of beautiful people and studios that made this album possible and lent their voices to our gang and backing vocals: Justin Bell, Ryan Edgar, Greg Bialor, Matt Lewis, Mike Murphy, Dana Franks, along with Jane Sorensen for providing her voice in the sample in Sakura. Ryan Edgar and Resound Studios and Gary Viteri and The Pharmacy, Forge Studio, and Cambridge Sound Studio.

And if you're reading this, listening to this, telling someone about this, relating to this, or in any way ultimately inspired by this, the biggest thanks of all goes to you.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Linda Rae Collins, Nicole Barbera, AJ Uranowski, Charles James and last but not least, Nikki the cat.



all rights reserved


Born Lost Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Experimental Melodic Hardcore by dudes and dudettes from Philadelphia just making some shameless tunes.


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Track Name: Sakura
All we've got are all those nights we dreamed of sleep and their empty promises we could never keep. I'm just a bitter child and they keep on telling me that it's time to grow up. What does that even mean? I'm just a bitter fucking child. And I'm looking for a better ending. There are people that don't need to fit a mold or sell a social standard. Don't waste your breath no one's listening. This could all flash... I don't stand to feel broken even when I'm in pieces because I'm at peace remembering it's my choice to live a life filled with dreams. Sakura. We are sakura. Some days I look to the sky, I see a million different worlds, knowing there may be a face somewhere staring back at me; Another voice trying to make some sense of its screams. All we've got are all those nights we tried to get to sleep. And all the days we spend trying to catch our dreams. But tell me if we catch them, are we happy at what we've achieved, or is it the chase that gives us the content that we seek? So treasure every moment and mean every word. Take to heart everything that you have learned. We are sakura and it could all flash by right before our eyes.
Track Name: Kindred Souls
*taken from “Grieving Grateful” in memory of and by Linda Rae Collins

*We must believe that beyond the circumstances of life the sun is still there shining beyond the clouds.* Sometimes we just have to hold onto our hope. Sometimes we just have to hold onto what we know. Because that is never lost no matter where we leave it if we leave it in the right hands. And for that I am grateful because I've had these cupped fingertips feeding me from afar and I could swear it was their arms that embraced me from that great distance. And I swear that it was those shoulders that held the head that always kept me in mind. And I swear it was those thoughts that always paved way for the heart that always wished the best of me. Kindred souls never die alone. And on the day you had to go, just know you took me with you. I’ll always be with you. You’ll always be with me.
Track Name: Through Time
I recall the days that our hearts longed for more than death. We praised every breath like it was better than the last. And I swore that we'd get lost in all the dreams that we could catch, but I'm still sore from the chase. Opening our eyes to see, we can't rid troubles with a blink since you learned so long ago, you can't drown them in a drink. And I swear that I could find the answers if I could just get myself to sleep. I've lost too many friends that were just trying to get by. I've lost too many loved ones to time. I've lost too damn much to time. Yet it's the grasp of youth that drags us through the days we've gotten older, the rival chill that breathes upon the weight on our shoulders. It carries me. I want to be carried through time. I want to be. A distant memory. A part of history. I want to be remembered through time. I want to be so much more than life. I want to be carried through time.
Track Name: Trails of Light
I'm often in my own way, thanks to a racing mind where I make myself relive years of mental abuse like I'm trapped in a never-ending paradox of youth, a black hole seeking the light of the truth. Even black holes fill themselves with explosions of light. Nothing dies without being born anew. Just look to the skies. I want to take my place amongst the stars, for its the night that has always guided me, lost in the lights of my memories. Just follow the lights. Such courage burns like fires of vanished stars. Such courage burns in fires of beating hearts. There are atmospheres of life that we let slip away. There are always things that we wish we could have changed. Such courage burns in constellations of celestial scars lit by the foundation of leaving your mark. We've yet to discover the trails they left behind. They're out of sight and likely out of mind, but still I must believe they left their mark. Just follow the trails of light.
Track Name: Forward
These streets never seem to end but I don't mind. I don't wish to go back where I've been. I'm trying to leave shadows of a different man behind, but they're hanging over my head like ghosts that won't let me carry on. The storms are rolling in and I'm trying to escape. But there's no such thing as outrunning the rains just like there's no such thing as avoiding change. But the thing is that I've learned it's this town that stays the same. I just want to move forward in a place I am happy to call home. I'm running out of places to rest my head. I'm tired of filling my life only with dread. When you're clinging onto hopes that the past repeats, you're not moving forward, you're missing out on opportunity. If you're just searching familiar places, trying to find unfamiliar faces, maybe it's just time for you to move on. I just want a place to rest my head. I just want to move forward and leave the creeping shade behind. So I'll take my chances with these never ending streets and what I find. I just want to move forward. I just want a place to rest my head. A place I am happy to call home.
Track Name: Foundation (feat. Justin Allen Bell)
When we’re young, we live the failures of those that give us life. Blurring our perception to what's right. And now I am older and I simply seek solid ground to build upon myself. Not all stars show. Not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can't see all of the pain someone feels. I wish to lay the stones of a better foundation. Foundation is built upon the lessons we carry to the grave. It takes a darkened heart to find this light. And it takes this light to pave the way. To the grave. To those left abandoned, I wish for you to find your place. There will always be a place for you to call home. Sometimes it takes more searching than you think you can take. Sometimes you must rebuild yourself. And you could lay the first brick today. I wish to lay the stones of a better foundation. Foundation is more than just the stones we have laid.
Track Name: Victims
Ignorance must subside before we are lost to time. What are we afraid of outside of knowing that we may all truly be the same. I am fearful that we may be our greatest plague. We are all victims of our own hearts. These human conditions are more like symptoms of a failing race, where we will all fold to wars within self-hate. These human conditions are more like symptoms of a failing race, where we will all fall to war from our own self-hate. Assume that everything we fear in shame and the only path past this are the social standards we see fit to change. Who are we to tell the world what they can believe in? Who are we to tell anyone what they can feel in their hearts? Why must we all be victims of the fears of change? Our perceptions must bow to the rising tides of a new day. Ignorance must subside before we are lost to time.
Track Name: Pray For Rain
Time is our perception, is our weak link. But time is our everything, for without our precious seconds we might lose ourselves because there would be nothing passing us by. These days we breathe our breaths with the signals we send over the air. Hello? Are you there? When I speak to this machine is it for a reason? Will these words ever be heard, or are they lost to this made up passerby measurement that we let worry and let linger and let control and let fail us? But every once in a while in our measured time, comes along something that turns heads. Something that reminds us that most of what we see in our dreams is a part of us even though it's not right in front of us because it's a part of our world. It's a part of everything that blooms beyond our roots. It lives like us, it breathes like us, it dies like us. It reminds us we are not lowly and lonely but a part of a whole. We build our lives around an addiction of seeing ourselves more than what we see in the mirror in hopes we could see ourselves a little bit clearer but instead we get so focused on the image that we forget what makes it up. But still there's the power to take that image and make it more than just a fantasy, but a reflection on the spirit of ourselves and how we make our world more than it is now. So do not shape your world in your image. Shape your image in the shape you want the world. This is why I pray for rain. Everything passes, including darkness, including the winds that blow us off the paths we wish to go. I want to be washed of the things that keep me from getting by. There's a whole world outside and at the end of every storm is a golden sky. At the end of a storm is a golden sky.
Track Name: Rain
After all this time searching for meaning, I've learned we’re all destined for something. We just need to let the rain cleanse us of the muddied thoughts that hold us down. I've always thought that comfort lied in the quiet calm where noises sleep. But the truth is only thunder gives me rest. Do you turn to those willing to listen in hopes it gives you some cognition. Within a bitter nature lies a thirst for change if the right notes are struck. It's a long way down from having enough. And those that jumped lost their fight, but that loss won't come to any of us while we are all here listening to the same songs. Just remember there's always a thought you are in. There's always a hand dying to feel your fingertips. Sometimes it's hard to tell what you can leave behind in dreams. Sometimes everything might not be what it seems. Am I dreaming, or am I awake? I know it seems these rains will last forever, but I'm asking you to just remember one thing. You and I are as much a part of the same thing. And I want you to take your chances with this pain you feel. Instead of abandoning this life and its endeavors, I swear that it can get better. Just let the rain wash all over you. This pain will fade with the days upon each new one that you wake. I swear that one day this world will feel like home. Just let these waters wash all over you. I lose myself in phrasing like we all lose ourselves in dreams. I'm at peace when words flow like the air we breathe. But I've learned it doesn't matter what color we bleed as it does the colors we see. And it doesn't matter what color we are as it does the patterns we leave behind for the future generations to define. Casting hate, darkness aside will free us and others to be ourselves, and carry ourselves, and love ourselves. and I don't breathe a breath I breathe to think that my dreams or your dreams should end in tragedy. For every billion-dollar man, I'll show you a priceless soul that couldn't be bought or sold, that understands the true cost of value. So I leave you to the means we define ourselves by, the struggles we survive and the things that get us by. All of us can spread our makeshift wings when we keep singing these same songs. These skies will clear and with them your sorrows. In a brilliance of colors to call your own. Let rain wash away the struggles. Let the light that comes show us they were worth it all. It was worth it all.