1990: Clarion

by Born Lost

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released June 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Born Lost Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Experimental Melodic Hardcore by dudes and dudettes from Philadelphia just making some shameless tunes.


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Track Name: Other Side of Fear
I keep on staring and these city lights are getting blinding.
Because for as many nights as they've given comfort,
I'd rather drown in the seas of my truths than shame myself standing for nothing.

If I could just say exactly what I mean, I wouldn't have to keep trying.
But these words will always flow with all of my being until my heart stops beating.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

And it's this consciousness that has gotten me the deepest into such weakness.
I will forever seek perfection even though I know it can't be found.
I need to get over myself.

I gave up on so many things for the worst reasons.
I swallowed my pride when it should have given in to credence.
I've held back tears under the guise of a man so put together.
But those days have come and gone and I've learned there's nothing to fear.

Confidence is silent, conviction is power.
And I will welcome the wisdom they may bring with open arms.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Track Name: Remember
We've carried ourselves through the confines of mistakes
On the days that crowded themselves with the worst of intentions.
On those late nights looking for trouble,
But the best of conventions coming out better for the wear.

Yet these days, so many of us are a shade away
From abandoning the lives that we hold dear.

I just want you to remember what makes you who you are.
I just want you to remember...

...We can't get stuck in such situational habit
Of a point A to point B life, with no sense of adventure.
It is better to be free to childlike wonder
Than tied to the dwells of an internal unapologetic youth.

Forget everything they told you about growth.
You can find it in the moments of letting go.

I just want you to remember what makes you who you are.

On the breaks of solitary sounds,
With ears to the ground,
With our feet to the wind,
There is more...
Track Name: To Our Graves
Friendships are meant to last.
But then you weren't meant to
Drift like the past,
Changing shape with the discomforts
That we've all had.

We all reach breaking points,
But we're still all left wondering.
If we could live with all of our severed ties.

There wasn't a place for me to even keep up.
Sure, I've accepted that, with time comes growth
But from here it looks like you've been shrinking,
Because you lost what made you in all of your overthinking.
So blind to be filled with so much pride.

I've never been good at goodbyes.
Just promise me you will find your way through life.
So that we may reminisce one day on the other side
With the last of our breaths.

I won't leave this world behind without one more moment we can carry through time.

To our graves.

What would it take
To stand the test of time?
What is it you see in a life you leave so empty?

Remember the best times
And see them return before they forever fade.
I only wanted to strengthen our binds
And take them to our graves.
Track Name: The Roads
The best things we could hold onto
Are the things that keep us humbled.
And I've held my own
But my hands are getting tired,
Scarred and fearful of the fall ahead.
In the search for something dignified.

Why do I struggle to keep my feet on the ground,
On the rationing that the breaths I've lost have bested me.

The prose and pride of hate-filled lives
And loveless loves.
It is the flawed and failed
That know true strength.

Someday I may be accustomed to sleep

On the troubles of a past that may serve to rebirth me
as a better man.
I finally gave up on the notion
That life goes how we are brought up


There's no clear cut climb,
And you're more likely to find
The branches that break
Than the ones that hold your weight.

I lost my way down
The many roads of indignation.
If this is my only glance to the past,
I better make it count,
Because I'm counting the days
To a future
Where we can all be cast to the sky.
On the hopes that we
Could see for miles.

See these words as the torch down darkest roads.
They will burn out as they always do.
But how you choose to see yourself
Is by the design of their use
To find our way.
Track Name: Sense of Self
I've grown so weary
Of the mentality that every one of us
Only exists to please everyone but our own needs.

And all of these useless lies
Sting like daybreak after late nights.
I will not shed a tear for the cries
that when your image blinds,
You will only be left with guilt.
A life molded from your mind
Will always find it's way into other's lives.

Nothing counts in life but the way you feel and your sense of self.
To think any less is to be lying to yourself.
Never sell yourself short.

I've grown so weary
Of the mentality that every one of us
Only exists to please.

An understanding of individuality is at the helm of grasping all of our personal truths.
Imagination is wasted and abandoned after youth.
I live in fear that our children will lose themselves
And then what's the use?

A life is never broken at the bottom.
Only when there's nothing to learn from,
Is there nothing to gain.
It's the sting of daylight that calls your name
And shields you from shame.

Where it's darkest is where you'll soon find the dawn.
So let this be rebirth and the smite upon our flaws.
Track Name: More to Life
I could swear there's more to life
Than I could ever see.
It's not up to time to carry me.

But what memory does it serve
To wish to be forgotten
If you've only ever been a slave
To the guise of a selfish mind.
One that's shut off from
A youthful light.
If we give up on the pages
We've yet to write,
What's there left for us to find?

I've swallowed my tongue in failure.
I've discovered secrets I was only keeping from myself.
I want a story to look back on full of free will.
With hollowed heart only served to be more fulfilled.

I swear there must be more to life.

We all struggle with our own ideas of acceptance,
Even with our attempts to shut it out.

I will never seek to be defined
By conformity,
But I can't deny that sometimes its stability
Can be so appealing.
Still, I find solace in knowing
There's more to see
In the depths of everything.

Open your eyes.
For after all I've seen of life
Or at least the things that make me,
I could swear there's more to life
Than I could ever see.
It's not up to time to carry me.

May the stars align.
May we all find ourselves.
May we all find answers.
May we all see the truth.
May we all learn from past mistakes.
May we all remember who we are.
May we all be steady to the grave.

There will always be
More to life
Than you ever think
You can see.